Friday, November 18, 2011

What If I Don't Feel Sorry?

Repentence isn't easy. It's even harder if we don't feel sorry for what we did. Sin can dull our senses and rob us of our feelings. Voices for Virtue posted Maria's question about feeling sorry on their facebook pages. Here is her question, along with some of the answers. I found it thought-provoking. Maybe you will too.

Maria asks: "Sometimes, when I've done something wrong, I do not feel sorry or regretful about it. Because of this- it's hard for me to repent. What should i do about this?"


Lisa from Utah
I know how you feel. I am there right now. I know what the answer is, though, I've heard it before from a friend: Pray for the desire to feel the remorse and repent.

Curtis from Texas
Be happy. The purpose of this life is to have joy. God isn't an umpire trying to call strikes and outs. So, although you may not feel guilt you may still have an intellectual knowledge of it as a sin. As you talk to the Lord about it He will gently invite you to change. Then your repentance will be real, sincere and short.

Darin from Utah
Read your scriptures... You'll start feeling godly sorrow and you'll feel the need to repent

…. it takes time and sometimes you fall a few times, but just keep trying. Pray to your Father in Heaven and He will guide you. Remember No matter what happens, you are never to far off the path to come back.. But you are still doing awesome because you have the desire to feel remorse :)

Jessica from Canada
Sometimes the circumstances surrounding a sinful act can seem very reasonable ... we must remember that the adversary will tell 1000 truths to tell one lie, and if all of the surrounding circumstances seem truthful, but the act you committed is not, that is one way that Satan can get a hold of you…

Juliana from Brazil
It helps if you keep in mind that you are a special daughter of our heavenly father, he loves and will take care of you and help you be a better person.

Ruby from Ohio
… listen to the still small voice. If we ignore it, and keep sinning, our conscience will grow smaller and smaller and it will be harder to feel regret for what we have done. When we go to church, or serve others, or do something to feel the Spirit, we will want to have that feeling with us always. We will miss the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

Cindra from Michigan
... Your Bishop is the best place to start.

William from North Carolina
Follow these peoples advice dont do like I did and repeat the sin til it swalows your entire life.

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